Friday, December 25, 2009

Keeping Your Mo’ in the Snow

As I look at the weather across the U.S. this week, I think about how easy it is to lose your workout momentum (the mighty mo’!) when temperatures drop and the snow is deep. Warm inside and cold outside makes us all want to hibernate, perhaps with a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and some left over pie. Mmm…

BUT, you will enjoy all of these comforts so much more if you can get outside, even for 20 minutes. The trick is to go easy on yourself, but not so easy that you never get off the couch. So, when the snow is 18-inches deep and the thermometer refuses to break 32 degrees, your bottom layer should be your cold-weather workout clothes: tights
  • a wick-away top
  • a neck gaiter
  • gloves
  • knit hat

Then add “snow clothes” on top:
  • a parka
  • snow pants or ankle gaiters
  • snow boots
Now, head outside for a walk!
There’s probably a mathematical equation out there for how much effort you have to put out to walk for 20 minutes in the snow. I’m going to break it down: a lot! High steeping through drifts will work your legs, keeping your balance on the ice will strengthen your core and throwing snowballs will give you a nice arm workout. Even without the snow fight, you’ll be surprised at the good sweat you work up and how much you enjoy the leftover pie when you get back home!