Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Balmy" mid-40s in New York

Temp: 47 and overcast
Wind: Very little
Precip/Humidity: None/High
Terrain: Rolling to flat
Distance: 9 miles

What I wore: Shorts (yes, in December!); tank-style sports bra; Road Runner Sports light-weight technical top; knit hat and gloves.

Did it work: Yes. I slowly worked up a sweat, but never enough to make me cold when the wind blew. Also, I was glad to have the hat covering my ears and the back of my neck, especially around the 5-mile mark, which is always a cold spot with more wind.

Quick tip: If you like to have your legs covered or hate being cool at any point in your run, wear light-weight tights in these conditions.

Check it out! Thanks to this useful website, you can see my run and, if you're in the area, do it yourself. Or, create a new run that works for you. http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/us/ny/flushing%20corona%20park/861126088958561606