Friday, May 23, 2014

Sports Bras for Big Breasts

Sports Bras for Big Breasts

The right bra is key to every woman runner’s gear choices. It doesn’t matter what’s on top if what’s underneath isn’t doing its job. Despite the running bra’s importance, there is something about talking about breasts that makes us giggle. Based on the market, not too many designers are taking it seriously either. So, let’s get it out of our system…

Boobs, the girls, ta-tas, the jiggly wigglies, milky mammas, Tits McGee.

Ok, now that we got a little silly out of our system, let’s get serious about what sports bras are good for women with big breasts. Because I can’t speak from experience, my friend and fellow long-distance runner Ronda agreed to share her experiences and her faves. Here’s her take:

“As woman with large ‘ta-tas' who runs, a super supportive bra is an absolute must.  I have tried a number of brands that carry larger sizes like Enell & Anita. However, Moving Comfort's Jubralee® is far and away my favorite because it:
  • Compresses really well but also... 
  • Separates, reducing the look of a uni-boob
  • Prevents bouncing or shifting while running
  • Doesn't have an underwire - this is not mandatory and I do have the "coathanger" in my regular bras, I just prefer not when I'm running
  • Has padded straps that can be adjusted with Velcro®

Moving Comfort bra w/ adjustable Velcro straps
At about $55, it's a terrific value for the quality, construction, feel and look. 

I especially appreciate that Moving Comfort recognizes that there are plenty of women with large breasts who enjoy running in a well-made quality bra. They also have several comparable styles with underwire. If you can’t fit into a pull-over sports bra, work with a professional to get fitted and then test out some bras to determine your preference.

Lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my companion accessory – Tri Slide. This aerosol spray has been a lifesaver. With large breasts, chafing is a painful reality. The Jubralee coupled with Tri Slide is a match made in big-boobed, long-distance running heaven!”

As a side note for nursing new moms, a friend of mine says Moving Comfort's straps make easy access for your little one. Another good reason to give these a shot if you're looking.

Many thanks to Ronda for sharing her concerns as a bodacious runner, and her solutions.

Happy running!