Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What to Wear Running: Running in 75 degrees in Austin

What to wear running for humid 75 degree day?
Temp: 75 degrees (~22 c)
Humidity/Precip.: High (~90%)/none
Wind: Mild (~5 mph)
Terrain: Rolling hills
Distance: Varied

What I Wore: I've been in Austin for a week and didn't think I'd have time to work out so I only brought one running outfit: my purple Puma singlet and shorts set. Of course, this guaranteed that I've had 5 chances to workout.

Did It Work: Thankfully yes. The singlet is great in humidity because it barely shows when it is wet (aka sweaty) and it floats away from my body, so I don't feel sticky. The built-in bra is good if you're small - better endowed women might want another layer underneath. The shorts with the built-in liner are good, although a little too loose, I think. These are a US small.

Note: Austin is humid. It isn't always 90% humidity but I have only experienced one day here in 4 years of visiting at least twice a year where it wasn't sticky. Even when it's cold, it's humid. So prepare to feel more chilled than you really are when you start and brace yourself for a little trouble breathing and a lot of sweat.

p.s. I guess I should acknowledge, for anyone who knows I've quit running, that I've been cheating while in Austin. It all started with the only free machine in the gym being a treadmill and continued with a really beautiful, sunny, dry-ish day. Now I'm on a roll, so I'm wrapping up my trip with one more quickie. But then it's back to rowing, not running, for me.