Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Running in 70 degrees

You might have noticed: I write a blog about what to wear when running. And yet, despite almost bragging about my years of experience AND probably having written about running in 70 degrees and sunny in the past, I was way overdressed today.
Temp: 70 and sunny
Wind: Calm
Humidity/Precip: Medium low (around 60%)/None
Distance: 3 miles
Terrain: Flat to rolling hills

What I wore: Nike shorts and running jacket, wick-away t-shirt, sunblock.

Did it work: No, I was way too hot. I should have known because I was perfectly comfortable the minute I stepped out the door. It is best to be slightly cold when you start. Even if you're walking, which is how I started, you'll warm up very quickly if you're swinging your arms and moving fast.

What to wear: At this temperature, you can easily wear shorts and a t-shirt. I have a friend who is still wearing summer singlets. Even though it's fall (or spring, if you're in the So. Hemi.), wear sunblock. The sun is strong enough to do damage.

(In case you're wondering what happened - my apartment was cold and I got psyched out. Live and learn!) 

See you on the trails and, hopefully, I'll be dressed right!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Running with a heart rate monitor

I have a new bad habit: checking my heart rate.
I never used to do this. I thought it was because I didn't care. It turns out it's just because I didn't have the gear.
When I wear it, nothing else matters. Distance? Who knows. Temperature? Not sure. Heart rate? Ranged from 111 to 165 over 45 minutes.

Does it work? Yes. Wearing the monitor keeps me going until it says I've accomplished the goal that it had in mind. Forget what I had planned on doing; it has a will of its own and it is greater than mine. It beeps if my heart rate is too slow or too fast ("Get going!" "Ease up!") and logs how long I have my heart rate at the desired level. When I have had done enough, in its mind, it beeps again ("Great workout!"). It doesn't matter where I am or that I had planned on taking a long, strenous walk, the monitor says I'm done, so I mosey home.
I love it. Which is why, for my next run/walk (still recovering from Achilles tendonitis), I'm leaving my new toy at home.