Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What to Wear Walking in 55 degrees

Weather: 55F (17C), setting sun
Wind: 10mph
Humidity/Precip.: Moderately high/None
Terrain: Hills
Distance: 3 miles

What I Wore: Capri tights, low socks, 3/4 sleeve T-shirt, ear warmer

Did It Work: No. I'm just getting back into walking with a dash of running and I seriously overestimated how quickly walking would warm me up. Freezing! When my hands stopped feeling functional around the 3/4 mile mark, I started jogging just to warm up.

What I Would Change: Swap the T for long sleeves with thumb holes and this outfit works. But only if you really do plan to run or you're hiking uphill. Between the breeze and the humidity (around 80%), it was too hard to warm up without significant exertion. Especially because there weren't any warm, sunny patches along the route. Add a light jacket if you want to power walk, only.

Note on hills: Walking up hill can be harder than a mini jog. When we walk, we try to plant the whole foot. This is tough on the achilles and bottoms of your feet. Rise up onto your toes and take tiny steps, almost like you're jogging in place. This will ease the strain, get your heart rate up and eventually take you up that monster hill. Bernal Height Park in San Francisco, I'm looking at you! (see photo)

In the end, climbing hills is totally worth it, usually. Great views, real feeling of accomplishment and a great workout.