Friday, January 16, 2015

Quick-dry Gear for Travel

Little home experiment helped me decide what gear to pack on a two-week international trip.
Criteria: functional in my destination's temps and quick dry so I could rinse and repeat.

Test gear: silk long underwear, Lululemon yoga pants, REI long underwear top, Puma tank, Under Armour multipurpose top, Arc'teryx dress and Atom jacket.

Experiment: washed all of the above items in cold water and then hung them to dry to see what would be 100% dry after 12 hours. This seems like a reasonable turn around time when traveling, plus it's how much time I had!

Expectations: I was absolutely sure the silk long underwear and the Under Armour top would be dry as bones. I doubted that the Atom jacket, which has a hood and thick stretchy fabric panels would be dry. Same with the soft and thick REI top and the Lululemon pants. Puma tank was up in the air.
Outcome: What the heck?! The silks were still damp, bordering on wet. The Atom jacket was ready to wear. Same with the tank, shirt and the dress. Second shocker, the REI top was dry and back to its usual softness. Lulu performed as expected: damp.

Result: Packing (and need to buy more of) the Arc'teryx. They rock. Also will be packing the UA top and Puma tank. Sorry Lululemon but the yoga pants are staying home with the silk long underwear.