Monday, June 25, 2012

Addicted to Running

Here's how I know I'm a running addict:
  1. I had to "quit cold turkey" because I was getting injured too much and too often.
  2. Not running, if I don't find a stop gap, makes me itchy antsy crazy!
  3. Even though I quit running in December,  I am using a specific part of my life about which I'm not pleased as an excuse that I "deserve" one run a week until it gets resolved. Let's just say, it's been going on long enough, I'm back up to two miles.
  4. I haven't told my mom or best friend that I'm running again because they'll give me a hard time. Shh, it's a secret!
  5. When I used to run a lot, I would down play how much I ran, "Oh, I'm really more of a social runner."
My only glimmer of sanity is that, when I'm injured, I usually take a break.

Are you a running addict? How do you know?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What to Wear for Yoga...on the Golden Gate Bridge

If you happen to be planning on doing some yoga on the Golden Gate Bridge, this post is tailor made for you! If you just like to see awesome feats of strength and flexibility, you'll enjoy it also.

The event: My friend Shauna is doing Under Armour's "What's Beautiful" competition. One of her challenges led to her doing yoga on San Francisco's most famous landmark. I volunteered to  document the event with photos.

What she wore: the temperature changes fast out there, so Shauna came prepared with some LMFAO-style UA tights (bright blue with a zebra waistband - hot!), a fitted tank and a long-sleeve top that had a hood and thumb holes.

Temperature: starting off, it was about 75F, sunny and breezy. By the end, the fog was rolling in and it was closer to 60-65F.

Shauna stayed warm, wowed the crowds and put her gear through its paces with a series of asanas in four locations. Here are some of the highlights:

Dancer goes perfectly with the drama of the bridge and sky.

Classic down dog. Love the blue and bridge red.

I saw the fencing and it sparked this idea. Not yoga. More like urban escape.

Mountain meets GGBridge

Tripod head stand with split legs.

Reverse warrior. Notice grounded feet.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where to Buy Cheap Workout Clothes

I love workout gear that looks good and is functional. I also love a deal, so here's a tip for everyone who has small shoulders and a short torso: go to the kids department. Not only is it cheaper, it also sometimes is the best selection.

This past weekend, thanks to my friend Farrell Evans, a golf writer for ESPN, I was able to attend the US Open. My optimism got the best of me though and I was under dressed. The merchandise tent had been picked clean except for a few very expensive golf sweaters, so I headed to the kids department and got these two awesome items. I wore the sweatshirt that day and got lots of compliments - one in the form of a free ice cream bar. See captions for details.
Boys long sleeve T. Size: Large (age 8-10). Cost less than $30. Not sure who these 8-10 year olds are, but their biceps must be huge! Only downside: sleeves are about an inch shorter than I like.

Girls long sleeve, button up hoodie. Size: XL (age 11-12). Cost less than $40. Fits perfectly, which means I have the upper body of a modern prepubescent girl. Sad.
By the way, the Open was great. I went alone but everyone around me was very nice and I made temporary new friends. Based on talking to people who walked the course and those who sat, I recommend finding an interesting spot and staying there. I picked the bleachers at the 17th green because of the slope and the bunkers & sand pits all around it. This lets you compare skills with the course being the control factor.

Let me know if you have any other cheap gear tips!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What to Wear Running: Socks

I collect running socks and won't throw them away until they beg for mercy/get a hole. Most of them are made by Nike and are designated Left foot and Right. A few are SmartWool and are pretty good. One pair is made by Asics and they are the best of all.

The worst socks in my collection are these:

It may be hard to read but I've written on this photo "Dimple = blister spot." What I'm pointing out is this: if a sock's toebox stitching is so tight, it creates a dimple that can be seen from the outside, then that stitching is probably going to be coarse and rub against your toes. This is the case with these Brooks socks that I bought at the Nashville Country Music Marathon Expo. I love the color and cut, but that dimple, which you can see how extreme it is by looking at the inside-out sock on the bottom, is horrid.

Unless you like blisters and random callouses. Then, they are perfect.

Back to the Brooks. Happy trails!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What to Wear Running...Purse and pumps?

Since giving up running, which I used to do outside, I've been at the gym a lot lately. While there, I've seen some silly workout clothes. Here's my new favorite, as see on a 55+ year-old Asian woman:
  • Dyed black hair, piled on her head in a well-fixed beehive
  • Black slacks and jacket (think Hilary Clinton when she was campaigning) with a shirt of some kind underneath
  • Black pumps (aka dress shoes with a low heel)
  • Tiny purse. Yes, really, she had an itty bitty handbag hung over one arm
She minced around the gym, going from machine to machine, lifting weights. At each station, she'd gently set her purse on the floor, place her heels in the stirrups and pump some iron. It would have been even more awesome if she was freakishly strong, but she was definitely keeping the pin in the top two rungs. Still, for a woman dressed for an evening on the Love Boat, she was on it.

If you would wear anything to workout, what would you wear?