Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where to Buy Cheap Workout Clothes

I love workout gear that looks good and is functional. I also love a deal, so here's a tip for everyone who has small shoulders and a short torso: go to the kids department. Not only is it cheaper, it also sometimes is the best selection.

This past weekend, thanks to my friend Farrell Evans, a golf writer for ESPN, I was able to attend the US Open. My optimism got the best of me though and I was under dressed. The merchandise tent had been picked clean except for a few very expensive golf sweaters, so I headed to the kids department and got these two awesome items. I wore the sweatshirt that day and got lots of compliments - one in the form of a free ice cream bar. See captions for details.
Boys long sleeve T. Size: Large (age 8-10). Cost less than $30. Not sure who these 8-10 year olds are, but their biceps must be huge! Only downside: sleeves are about an inch shorter than I like.

Girls long sleeve, button up hoodie. Size: XL (age 11-12). Cost less than $40. Fits perfectly, which means I have the upper body of a modern prepubescent girl. Sad.
By the way, the Open was great. I went alone but everyone around me was very nice and I made temporary new friends. Based on talking to people who walked the course and those who sat, I recommend finding an interesting spot and staying there. I picked the bleachers at the 17th green because of the slope and the bunkers & sand pits all around it. This lets you compare skills with the course being the control factor.

Let me know if you have any other cheap gear tips!