Thursday, October 4, 2012

Running Socks: Nike running socks

Nike has won my heart all over again with the best running sock. Yes, it is that easy to win my heart but, before judging, keep in mind how hard it seems to be to make a great running sock!

Also, let's be clear: socks are the most wonderful item in any athlete's arsenal. Bad socks = blisters, lost toe nails, distraction, ugly tan lines and, sometimes, foot cramps. Good socks = effortless, thoughtless foot action. The sign of a good running sock: you forget it's there.

And, Nike has done it with the Nike Dri-Fit Cushion No-Show. Here's what I love and the one thing I wish was different:
- Starting at the ankle, the tab in the back is meaty. This sock is NOT going to end up slipping down into your shoe. And yet the cut is low, so you really are showing very little sock and keeping your tan lines to shoe cuff level.
- Two places on a sock are really make or break: the arch and the toe box. The arch on the Nike Dri-Fit Cushion is perfect. It hugs without cinching, supports without stifling. The sock's name comes from a very cushioned heel but the mid-foot fabric around the arch is thin, wicking, breathing Dri-Fit.
- The toe box fits real toes, thanks to left/right specific cuts. Even more important, there's no seam, so there's no reason to get a blister or chafing.

Unfortunately, as with all of Nike's high-quality gear, these babies aren't cheap. While less expensive than most SmartWool socks, they are $10 for ONE pair. Overall, they're well worth the 10 spot if you plan on running or race walking regularly. And, as the holidays approach, they'll make great stocking stuffers for your athletic friends and family.

Happy running!