Sunday, June 10, 2012

What to Wear Running: Socks

I collect running socks and won't throw them away until they beg for mercy/get a hole. Most of them are made by Nike and are designated Left foot and Right. A few are SmartWool and are pretty good. One pair is made by Asics and they are the best of all.

The worst socks in my collection are these:

It may be hard to read but I've written on this photo "Dimple = blister spot." What I'm pointing out is this: if a sock's toebox stitching is so tight, it creates a dimple that can be seen from the outside, then that stitching is probably going to be coarse and rub against your toes. This is the case with these Brooks socks that I bought at the Nashville Country Music Marathon Expo. I love the color and cut, but that dimple, which you can see how extreme it is by looking at the inside-out sock on the bottom, is horrid.

Unless you like blisters and random callouses. Then, they are perfect.

Back to the Brooks. Happy trails!