Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What to Wear Running...Purse and pumps?

Since giving up running, which I used to do outside, I've been at the gym a lot lately. While there, I've seen some silly workout clothes. Here's my new favorite, as see on a 55+ year-old Asian woman:
  • Dyed black hair, piled on her head in a well-fixed beehive
  • Black slacks and jacket (think Hilary Clinton when she was campaigning) with a shirt of some kind underneath
  • Black pumps (aka dress shoes with a low heel)
  • Tiny purse. Yes, really, she had an itty bitty handbag hung over one arm
She minced around the gym, going from machine to machine, lifting weights. At each station, she'd gently set her purse on the floor, place her heels in the stirrups and pump some iron. It would have been even more awesome if she was freakishly strong, but she was definitely keeping the pin in the top two rungs. Still, for a woman dressed for an evening on the Love Boat, she was on it.

If you would wear anything to workout, what would you wear?