Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What to Wear Running: Vibrams

Gentlemen, I'm about to say something you might not like.

If you have small feet, please do not wear Vibram Five Fingers to the gym for anything other than running. Looking at each of your tiny toes as you do calf presses, leg lifts and abductors is almost as bad as the guy wearing torn jean shorts who is trying and failing to do tricep dips. I feel embarrassed and revolted at the same time, which makes maintaining my optimal heart rate and breathing difficult.

Please save your new grey Vibrams for a running day. Or, if you aren't a runner, get the kind that don't have articulated toes. Unless you're also an avid tree climber, there's no point in being able to grip with the little piggy who stayed home.

And to the man in jean shorts, this blog post isn't for you because you, sir, are no gentleman!

Until next time, stay healthy and keep your promises to yourself.