Friday, December 18, 2009

70 & sunny in Sydney!

My first run in Sydney, Australia. What to wear? What to wear?!

Temp: 70 (20 c) and already sunny at 6 a.m.
Wind: None
Precip./Humid: No rain, high humidity
Terrain: Rolling to flat, plus stairs every 1/4 mile
Distance: 4 miles

What I wore: Hat with a bill; shorts; regular sports bra; wick-away tank.

Did it work: Yes. This is the easiest weather to dress for, especially if you get out there before the sun is beating down on you. The brim on the hat kept the sun off my face and the light layers and wick-away tank kept me feeling dry, despite the humidity.

Most important: My most important piece of running gear this entire trip will be sunblock. The sun in Australia is strong, I am naturally light brown but freckly and skin cancer is amongst the most fatal of the cancers. Yes, I will sweat some if off, but better to have something to sweat off than to not bother. Plus, running shorts tan lines just aren't sexy! So, except on the most overcast, rainy day, please, wear sunblock!

Where I ran: Planning a trip to Sydney? If you're staying in the Central Biz Distract, there are lots of choices of places to run. The most obvious is along the water and in the botanical garden. But, if you have jet lag, you might not want to run in a huge park in the wee hours. Today, headed to Hyde Park. It's beautiful, has water fountains (and decorative fountains) and a few laps around it will let you build up some mileage. Plus, it's crowded enough early in the morning that you won't feel unsafe.

Photo by Dana Underwood of