Sunday, December 13, 2009

What to Wear Runnin in 40 degrees & Rainy

Temp: 40, overcast
Wind: Little gusts
Precip./Humidity: Steady rain/moderately humid
Terrain: Flat
Distance: 3.5 miles

What I wore: Knit hat; Under Armour t-shirt (courtesy of the Baltimore Half Marathon); Nike dri-fit, heavy-weight running shirt and light-weight tights. I forgot my gloves!

Did it work: No. Learn from my mistake and look outside before deciding what to wear. Thanks to a delay in the weather report, I didn't know it was raining. Sounds silly, but I'm taking comfort from the fact that two runners on the trail told me they had done the same thing.

What should I have worn: 1) Gloves. 2) A brimmed cap to keep water out of my face and perhaps a headband or earmuffs to keep my ears warm. The knit cap got soggy. 3) A long-sleeve, mid-weight shirt with a rain-resistant shell over it.

Obvious but...: When running on a wet day, keep your feet as dry as possible by avoiding puddles. This seems like a given, but if you live in a friendly running community or run with a group, you might be too busy saying hello and chatting to keep an eye out for soakers.
Two years ago, I was caught running during a flash flood. It was pretty exhilarating but, needless to say, my shoes were drenched. If you're shoes do get very wet, do not put them in the dryer. This is a sure way to shorten their lifespan. Instead, fill each shoe with crumpled newspaper and place them near a heat source (the newspaper helps absorb water on the inside).