Sunday, December 20, 2009

75 and humid

Temp: 75 in sunny Sydney, Australia
Wind: 10 mph
Precip./Humid: No rain but felt humid
Terrain: Hills and stairs mixed with flat
Distance: 5 miles

What I wore: Brimmed hat and sunscreen to protect myself from Australia's notoriously high UV index. Nike dri-fit t-shirt, regular sports bra and shorts.

Did it work: Yes, but I could have easily run in just the sports bra and shorts. The humidity made it feel much warmer, quickly. I love dri-fit though - it really does the job of keeping you comfortable.

The more you know: I travel a fair amount and almost always run outside when I'm on the road. Running in a place that you are visiting is a great way to take in the sights, see what the local running culture is like and get acclimated to a new time zone. However, before I head out, I make sure I know where I'm going, how safe it is and, on long runs, what the water situation is like. I'm not overly cautious - I don't run with Mace or refuse to go out alone - but I usually let someone know the general area that I'll be running and cover those three points (safety, water and route) ahead of time.
The free website is a great source for figuring out your route. The other two may require some scouting and talking to locals. Like I said, running is a great way to get to know your native runners!

Today, I ran along the edge of Sydney's Botanic Garden, along the harbor and around the Opera House. It was pretty cool to run around one of the most recognizable building in the world and a beautiful run. I took this shot from a ferry - it shows almost half of my run route.