Sunday, April 3, 2011

Liner in running shorts

I've written about running shorts before. This is for people who are wondering "what is the lining in running shorts for."

I'm not a shorts designer, but I've been wearing running shorts since they only came in two cuts - short shorts with a hip-high slit and mid-thigh. So here's the quick and dirty on why running shorts need a liner:
  1. Wicking fabric - most liners are made of a light-weight material that will help remove moisture from regions that can get pretty hot and sweaty during a run.
  2. Save your underwear - lacy underthings and boxers were not made for the abuse of exercise. A liner does all the work of underwear, saving you from having to answer the question "Boxers or briefs?" before every run.
  3. No chafing - if you've ever worn a thong or thick cotton briefs on a 12-mile run, you know why there's a liner in good running shorts. Regular underwear can rub in all the wrong places and, over time, leave a mark.
I know, if worn by themselves, running short liners would be the world's ugliest grandma panties. When built into shorts, the degree to which they make a run more comfortable makes them one of the sexiest things on Earth.

My reco? Only buy running shorts that have a liner and, for those of you who've asked, no, don't cut the liner out. Save your tush, your underwear and your laundry pile.

Happy trails!