Thursday, April 28, 2011

What to wear running, 55 and WINDY!

Temp: 55 degrees (~12 C)
Humidity/Precip.: Low
Wind: 20 - 30 mph
Terrain: Rolling hills
Distance: 3 miles

What I Wore: Light-weight tights, tank sports bra, light-weight, breathable running jacket and wick-away skull cap.

Did It Work: Mostly. The wind was cold, so I was glad to have my arms, legs and ears covered. However, gusting wind makes it harder to predict what will be comfortable, so sometimes I was warmer than I like.

Wind Alert! Although a headwind can make a run a little harder, it's usually fine to run on a windy day. I suggest wearing glasses. This will help keep flying grit out of your eyes. Also, run with your mouth closed unless you want bugs, twigs and dust to end up in it.
Lastly, if you notice that garbage cans, branches or small animals are being blown around, it's probably better to stay indoors.

Happy trails!