Saturday, April 9, 2011

What to wear running in 75 degrees

Temp: 75 degrees (22C)
Wind: 5 mph
Humidity/Precip.: Moderate/None
Terrain: Mostly flat
Distance: 2 miles

What We Wore: I wore a Nike dri-fit sleeveless top and Puma running shorts, with a hat, wrist sweatband and sunblock. My friend, Coco Martha, wore Nike running shorts and a cotton t-shirt.

Did It Work: I was a little cold at first but ended comfortably sweaty. Coco Martha said her cotton shirt felt like it was made of meat: by the end, it was a heavy, wet mess. I'm trying to get her to buy some wick away tops. Like, seriously!

Running is contagious: There is a belief that social interactions are important not just for socializing but also for the degree to which they influence our behavior. For example: if you're eating dinner next to a person who is on a diet and not eating much, the dieter's presence is likely to make you eat less. Today's run with my friend proved this theory.
Five years ago, my friend moved to Austin, a big running town, and started dating a personal trainer (Derrick Withers). In the 20 years that I've known her, she has never run, except for a bus or maybe a sale on Gucci. In fact, she'd never exercised in any major way. Now, despite having a demanding job, her own blog and a 2-year old, she's regularly hitting the local trails.
Today was her first run with a partner. I remember how worried I was the first time I ran with other people. I didn't know if I'd be able to keep up and wondered if they'd judge my form. It's scary, even if the people know and love you. It was an honor to be my friend's first run partner. I'm proud of her for trying something new and sticking with it.

Happy trails, old and new friends!