Sunday, April 17, 2011

What to wear running in 60 degrees

Temp: about 60 (15 C) and sunny
Humidity/Precip: Moderately high/none
Wind: 10 mph
Terrain: Rolling hills
Distance: 3.5 miles

What I Wore: Today was an homage to my alma mater, Northwestern University. I was sporting purple Puma running shorts and a white Nike dri-fit t-shirt.

Did it Work: Yes! I was so happy in this run. My outfit was comfortable from beginning to end (I stayed in the shade on the outbound, so I wouldn't heat up too quickly). 
If it's 55-65 outside and you're debating going for a run, do it! These are perfect running temps, especially if it's sunny and a little breezy. For more info on 60-degree runs and springtime precautions, check out this post.

Why the iPod is Featured: I'm showing off my old-school nano (which is a maxo compared to the new nanos) to show that you don't have to buy a bunch of new stuff to run. Old gear that works is good! My nano is dying - it stopped letting me add new songs after my last half marathon, but the old music still gets me through my workouts and, until it dies, I won't be buying a new one. (Update, the nano finally died. I took it to Apple and got a credit toward buying a new shuffle. I plan on running that into the ground, too!)

Happy running!