Friday, June 24, 2011

What Socks to Wear Running

I have a new favorite sock for running: Asics Hera low cut.

There is nothing about them that I dislike and lots to love:
  • Low cut but with just a little extra in the front and back to help keep them from slipping into the shoe.
  • Wide, firm but not painful arch support.
  • Actually shaped like a human foot - flat on the bottom, instead of flat when sideways.
  • Left/right specific.
  • Nice cushion under the ball and heel but not excessive.
  • Green (sort of) because they're PVC free.
Actually, they do have a downside - they are crazy expensive. One pair was $10 at my local running store, A Runner's Mind. If anyone knows of a place that sells them in bulk for cheap, let me know!

Happy running!