Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What to Wear Running: Puma Running Jacket for Women

If you aren't thinking about Puma when looking for new running gear, you're overlooking some good stuff. The shorts I've owned for a couple years are holding up and the new running jacket that Puma sent me to try out is nice! Below is my review:

Light-Weight Windproof Running Jacket
  • Outside pockets on both sides. No zipper, but snug enough to hold keys and big enough for my hands.
  • Venting so the inside doesn’t get too steamy (see hand poking through in photo - vents are invisible unless you do this...and why would you?!).
  • Very wind resistant, making a cold wind on a 40 degree day no issue.
  • Zipper guard at the neck, so no chafing.
  • Good length for long and short torsos.
  • Elastic at cuffs and hem isn't too tight.
  • Black (yeah!) with subtle dashes of color make it casually match this season’s top and shoes.
  • Reflective elements at the wrists and in the front and back.
Arrows: neck guard & cord holder
The earbud-cord holder. It’s location makes no sense – along the collar seam, over the left shoulder. This means that the cord for your right ear has to reach across your neck in an annoying way, especially if you aren't zipped all the way up. It also demands that you leave the cord from your iPod dangling on the outside of the jacket, rather than threading it underneath. Anyone who has snagged an arm on their iPod cord, ripping their earbuds from their ears, knows that a loose cord is a big hassle.

That’s a long gripe for a small issue, but the devil is in the details, especially when it comes to gear.

In sum, yes, this is my new go-to jacket when it’s windy. I give it an A-. Thanks, Puma!