Sunday, January 24, 2010

What to wear running in 35 degrees & misty

Temp: 34, overcast
Wind: 10 mph gusts
Precip./Humidity:  Misty rain, moderately humid (75%)
Terrain: Rolling to flat
Distance: 9 miles

What I Wore: Nike tights; regular Champion sports bra; Road Runner Sports light-weight tech-top; Nike dri-fit, mid-weight running jacket; knit hat and gloves.

Did It Work: Yes. I was just a little cool when I first stepped out, but was comfortable by the half-mile mark and slightly sweating by one mile. I like the Nike running jacket because it is full zip, so I can open it a bit from the top and bottom to vent when I get warm on a long run. Plus, it has cuff pockets that I pulled over my hands to keep them dry.

Big But!: Today's gear worked but I knew I couldn't stop or even walk because I was sweaty on the inside and wet from the mist on the outside. Without the body heat from running, that moisture would have cooled quickly and I would have been freezing cold almost immediately. Thankfully, I made it through my longest run in ages without any sprains or twists. However, if you like to mix walking and running or if you are worried about an achy ankle or knee, wear a shell to keep the mist and wind off of your clothes.