Sunday, January 31, 2010

50, hilly!

Temp: 48-50, partly sunny
Wind: Calm
Precip./Humidity: High (85%)
Terrain: Big hills
Distance: 7.75 miles

What I Wore: Brimmed cap; light-weight, wickaway, long-sleeve top; regular sports bra; short.

Did It Work: Yes. I almost wore tights and I think that would have been just a bit too hot. High humidity at a low temperature means that it felt cool in the shade. So, even when I warmed up, I didn't take off my shirt or even push up my sleeves because the next shady patch cooled me right back down.

"Deep thought" after too many hills: This was one of the hilliest runs I've done in a long time. There were several times when I would say to myself 'Just to the hydrant' or 'Just to that fence' and then, when I'd reach those short-distance goals, tell myself 'Ok, just to that silver car.' My legs were wobbly and weak by the time I got home, but, if I could, I would jump for joy that I never stopped. If you're taking on a new challenge - more distance, a faster pace or hills - go ahead and psych yourself as often as you need it. Running is 50% a mind game, so play to win!

In northern California? Here's my run route: