Sunday, August 26, 2012

Running Gear Blog: What to Wear Running

What to Wear Running in 70 degrees: shorts, wicking t or tank, and low-rise socks that don't curl up into your shoes when you run.

Why? 70 is pretty warm - anything over 65 is going to increase your heart rate and slow you down. The best way to stay cool: expose your skin. The body's largest organ, skin is an amazing cooling system involving evaporation and ventilation. So, expose as much as you feel comfortable for maximum cooling. Just remember, wear sun block.

Today's featured brand: Puma. After a year, I still love these running shoes. The Faas 500 are a little more supportive than I need but they're holding up really well (one of the myths I'd heard about Pumas is that they fall apart quickly), look great and are comfortable. The only negative: the tongue sometimes slides down into the shoe when I'm running, which can create pressure on the top of my arch.