Sunday, August 5, 2012

What to Wear Rowing: Gear for Rowing Machine

Activity: Rowing on the stationary rower
Temp: Gym temp - 70ish and moderate humidity
Time: 30 minutes

What I Wore: Lululemon, top and bottom. Loose tank with built in sports bra and low scooping for ventilation (and cuteness). Capri tights. Puma Faas 300 running shoes.

Did It Work: Yes. Here's the thing, on the rower, running shorts are super annoying. Because of how short women's running shorts are, you basically are putting your bare cheeks/upper thighs on a seat that hundreds have sweat on before you. So, long shorts or capris are key. 
Also, rowing is a lot of shoulder and arm movement, so a sleeveless top or tank is ideal - free, cool and, at 30 minutes, no chafing.
Together, this outfit is comfortable. When I'm out of tanks and have to wear sleeves, I wear my favorite Under Armour shorts, which are a little longer. The skin exposure that you get with shorts balances the coverage of a sleeve - rowing is hot work when done right and naked is best for cooling.

Note: The Lulu tights are a little "cottony" for me. They show sweat and attract cat hair. If I was buying the capris again, I wouldn't get black.