Friday, September 14, 2012

Best Running Trail in Copenhagen

Travel and running go hand in hand. What better way to get a sense for a place than to run with the locals? Unless, of course, the locals don't run, in which case you'll get a sense for the local fitness.

Copenhagen is full of runners and bikers and has lots of dedicated "sidewalks" for cycling, but not a ton of running paths. There is a nice, gravelly long one, however, along the Sankt Jorgens So (St. George's Lake), in the middle of town. It was very much a local spot - running from the edgy Vestrobro neighborhood, through the ethnic, hipster Norrebro and up into the posh Osterbro area.

The lake is a skinny rectangle divided into sections by bridges. Along both sides are nice paths for biking and running. Trees provide shade and the local runners provide company.

I almost wish I had a Run Ranking system so that the 4 stars I'm giving Sankt Jorgens So would have real meaning. Let's just say, it inspired, it was flat and it was pretty. So go! Run Copenhagen!

By the way, what to wear running in Copenhagen? In early September, it was a cool 50 degrees. I definitely was too cold at the start and, as the photo shows, barely worked up a little sweat. I think a t-shirt with my shorts would have been ideal.