Saturday, January 29, 2011

What to wear running in 50 degrees Part 2

Temp: 52 degrees (15 C)
Humidity/Precip.: high/none
Wind: 8 mph (light breeze)
Terrain: Rolling hills
Distance: 3 miles

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about running in 50 degrees. I wore tights, a t and light jacket and said I would have been too hot if I'd gone much further. Taking that advice, today...

What I Wore: Puma shorts, Road Runner Sports very light-weight, long-sleeve shirt, the usual brimmed hat.

Did It Work: Yes, with my sleeves pushed up for the last half. Except for one woman in sweats and capris, other runners were dressed similarly or wearing t-shirts (men). My core warms up pretty quickly, but my arms and hands can stay cold far into a run at these temps, so I like a sleeve.

What I Mean by "Light Weight": When shopping for tights and tops, test the fabric "weight" (aka warmth due to thickness) by:
1) reading the label
2) rubbing the fabric between your fingers
3) feeling the lining (a soft, brushed lining is warmer)
4) comparing the actual weight of similar items by hanging them off of a finger and doing mini lifts and
5) checking for vented panels.
Today's shirt is "very light" because it:
a) has thin fabric that is not brushed  on the inside
b) weighs less than my other long-sleeve tops and
c) has the nice, wide vented panel in the back displayed in the photo. This vent makes it better at these temps, when a heavier shirt would be too much.

Happy running!