Monday, December 20, 2010

What to wear running in 55 & rainy

Temp: 55 degrees (12ish C)
Wind: 10 mph
Humidity/Precip.: 85%/passing showers
Terrain: Rolling hills
Distance: 3 miles

What I Wore: Shorts, tank and mid-weight jacket.

Yes, my torso really is this short.
Did It Work: Sort of. I dislike cold rain on my arms before I warm up, so long sleeves were good. And, the jacket was the right weight. BUT I forgot that this particular jacket is the opposite of breathable. In fact, I think it might create a vacuum when zipped. It's like running in a cute garbage bag. As I warmed up, my perspiration collected inside. Disgusting.

But, I was comfortable in every other way - the layer of a tank with jacket was right. I tend to be chilly and still thought it was warm enough for shorts.

Solution for future: only wear a jacket like this one when it is cool enough for long sleeves and you aren't likely to be too hot. Otherwise, ask before buying if your gear breaths and wicks.

Happy holidays and good running to all!