Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Staying Cool on a Run (or Bike Ride)

I'm in NYC and it's almost 100 degrees out. I'm injured, so I'm not running, but I want to stay strong and keep my cardio up, so I went for a bike ride.

I was concerned about the heat - I've been known to faint when hot - so I tried a trick I read about in Runner's World:

- Fold a bandana in half so it makes a triangle
- Place 5-6 ice cubes along the long edge
- Carefully roll up the bandana so it makes an ice cube-filled neckerchief (that's cowboy for 'scarf') and tie it around you neck

During your run or ride, the ice will gradually melt, keeping you cool but, surprisingly, no wetter than you would be from sweating (at least, that was my experience today).

I liked it so much, I'm going to try wetting and freezing a wrist band and maybe my running hat the next time temps top 90.

Happy running!