Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What to wear running in 85 Degrees

Temp: 85, feels like 90Precip./Humidity: None/high
Wind: Calm
Terrain: Flat track
Distance: Intended - 1 mile; Actual - 1/4 mile. Biked 7 miles.

What I Wore: Nike tank with built-in sports bra for full coverage but minimal layers; Puma shorts with built-in liner of wicking material; icy neckerchief.

Did It Work: The outfit was as comfortable as it could be considering the conditions, but my body failed me.

Considerations: As it gets hotter, it also gets harder to find an outfit that is just right. One thing I considered as getting dressed was the lack of wind. When it's hot and sticky, a breeze on bare skin can make a big difference. If there had been a breeze, I might have worn a midriff-baring sports bra and shorts, no singlet. That would have exposed my (probably sweaty) stomach and helped cool my core.
In consideration of combining biking with running, and the lack of a breeze, I chose the tank.

Here's hoping my ankle injury heals soon. I miss my distances!

Stay cool.