Saturday, July 10, 2010

Running in Reebok

Yay! I have a new running top.

Temp: 75, sunny
Precip./Humidity: Moderate
Wind: 8 mph
Terrain: Flat w/ long, steep climb in middle
Distance: 3.3 miles

What I Wore: Fitted Reebok workout vest (that's what they call it - I call it a sleeveless shirt); cotton shorts.

Did It Work: Yes, in a pinch.

The Story: A recent trip ended up being longer than expected so I was not fully prepared. I had running shoes and non-running, sweat shorts but no running tops. I wanted to run, so I had to buy a top and sports bra. The cotton shorts were not perfect, but were ok for a short run. The new top was a win!

Mini review: I like but don't love.

  • Offset seams for reduced chance of chafing
  • Reflective piping so drivers will know they're about to hit you (small reflective elements are usually only visible when it's too late, but are still nice for other runners and cyclists)
  • Scoop neck for more air exposure
  • Mid-weight fabric was comfortable at 75 and should be good down to 60
  • Fitted body lays flat without being constricting
  • Piping is slimming 
  • In black, the tank-style could be worn into a bar or restaurant for some after-run refreshment. Paired with a running skirt and you might be out for the night!
Happy running!