Friday, May 28, 2010

New Running Shirt w/ Built-in Bra

Temp: 70, overcast
Precip./Humidity: None/Moderately low
Wind: 7 mph
Terrain: Mostly flat
Distance: 3.25 miles

What I Wore: Puma running top and shorts; Nike hat and socks; sunscreen.

Did It Work: Yes. 70 degrees is almost warm for running, but the breeze was cool.  This outfit was cool but not cold because the material covered my core and wicked away sweat. Leaving your limbs exposed when it's breezy and warm is an easy way to stay comfy. The wind will cool the sweat on your skin, moderating your body's temperature.

New Gear Review:  I got a new running top from Puma. I like it, in short, because it is functional and cute.
- Built in sports bra (smooth layers)
- Tank style (good for the modest, and for warm spring & fall days)
- Long torso (no ride up)
- Offset seams (less chafing risk)
- Mini-pleats around neckline (hides poke through)
- Super soft external layer (very flattering)
- Full-length, wicking underlayer (stays cooler than most tanks)
- Silver thread (fights funk)
- Good looking (can I say that?!)

- Moderate support (good for running if you're small on top, otherwise, save it for low impact sports)
- Tight (support mostly comes from squeeze because the sports bra fabric is thin)
- Very designed (draped to show off its two layers, has pleats and a pattern across the chest. Those three design elements makes this feel like a fancy running top, not the technical beast that it really is)

Happy running!