Thursday, April 22, 2010

Running in 60 degrees

Temp: 60, sunny
Wind: 10 mph (mild to moderate)
Precip./Humidity: Moderate
Terrain: Rolling to flat
Distance: 4 miles

What I Wore: Brooks shorts, Under Armour Baltimore Half Marathon t-shirt and a bandanna (on my head, not cowboy style around my neck!).  

Did It Work: Yes. I ran the NYC marathon in these shorts because they are very comfortable. The UA shirt wicks moisture from skin, so the wind isn't a problem. Caveat: I don't wear this shirt often because it tends to get funky smelling easily. Not sure if this is true of other UA gear.
The sun is getting stronger, so wear sunblock. I like Neutrogena Age Shield with Helioplex and my dermatologist confirmed that it is good stuff. It doesn't streak and seems to hold up even on a long run.

Note: As we settle into spring, you have to find your own gear groove.
If it takes you a while to warm up, try the shorts and t-shirt combo as a base but add a light-weight running jacket or long-sleeve technical shirt as a top layer. You can always take it off and tie it around your waist.

Everything is comes back to life after the winter, making this is a great time to get outside and run. Happy trails!