Monday, April 5, 2010

Recovery Run

In what kind of bizzaro world does it makes sense that we run to recover from a run? That mixed up world is this one.

I just finished my post-half marathon recovery run. Some people probably did their's yesterday. Me, I got a massage. Call me soft, but I'm no sadist!

The recovery run is an odd beast. It is a run with the sole purpose of helping your body get over the last run it did. It's like dessert after a meal that was so filling you feel like you're going explode. But, instead of making it worse, the recovery run actually helps shake off the cobwebs of stiffness, reminds you that even though that last run was brutal you're not broken and, if done right, sends you home with a desire to run more.

Today's run was a short 1.5 miles to the edge of my park and back. It was great to step onto the road in my park and remember that the last time I was there I was cruising through a half marathon. It was even better to then turn around and go home while I still felt strong and refreshed.

It's tempting to turn the recovery run into a real run, if you're feeling good. I suggest you don't short change yourself. Give yourself this one, easy run. It's a way of saying thanks to your body for the hard work it put in and it gives you time to recognize how strong you are. The next run, you can go crazy and push it, if you feel like it!

Temp: 65, sunny
Wind: Calm
Precip./Humidity: Very low
Terrain: Gradual hill (down and then back up)
Distance: 1.5 miles

What I Wore: Shorts; Long sleeve tech top; Sunscreen and Bandana (my hat is still dirty from Saturday)
Did It Work: Yes, but any longer of a run and I would have been too hot.

Until next time: run, recover, run again!