Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What to Wear Running: Hills, hills & more hills

Temp: 45, sunny
Wind: Mild
Precip./Humidity: Moderately low
Terrain: Hilly!
Distance: 6 miles

I took a little break from distance running while New York went through a series of snowstorms that put outdoor runners and owners of dogs to the test.
But now it's warming up. The path is clear and I had to get back on it to be ready for the NYC 13.1 in less than a month. I ran hills. It was rough. Thanks to the hill shuffle (not really a run, but NOT walking) and holding onto a visual of myself at the end of my last marathon (I temporarily aged 40 years), I kept going, stayed upright and finished. Now I'm sore.  Like, 'couldn't run out of the house if it was on fire' sore. It's great to be back.

What I Wore: Road Runner Sports long-sleeved, light-weight tech top; knit gloves; brimmed cap; Puma shorts; sunblock.

Did It Work: Perfect. I was cool heading out and just a little sweaty on the way back. The weight of the top was perfect - even on all those hills, I didn't over heat.

Yoga tomorrow. Rest on Friday. Maybe 9 on Saturday.