Thursday, October 31, 2013

Does Under Armour Make Running Shoes?

I need to address this question because I'm surprised at how often people say to me, "I didn't know Under Armour made shoes."

Does Under Armour make running shoes? Yes. They actually make a couple of different weights and styles. In the coming weeks, a friend who is an Under Armour athlete will run down all the styles she has tried and what she likes. For now, I can tell you that I've tried two.

Under Armour let me test these running shoes for women:

  • UA Charge RC-2
  • Under Armour Charge RC-2
    • Summary: not for me. See reasons below.
    • Like: 
      • Silver and neon color scheme. 
      • Heel fits in the stirrups of the rowing machine and doesn't slip out. 
      • Easy on due to toebox being separate from heel.
    • Dislike: 
      • High back - digs into my Achilles, causing some issues when running. 
      • Not as light as I prefer but good for someone who wants moderately light with structure. 
      • Runs big - based on reviews, I ordered the same size that I usually wear in a street shoe (instead of half a size up like most show experts reco) and it's still very roomy around my middle toes.
      • Rubs against a bone on the inner part of my foot. I've learned that, on most people, this bone doesn't stick out, so this shoe should work for others better than for me. 
UA mesh short and tank plus Micro G shoe
  • UA Micro G Toxic Six
    • Summary: not my go-to, but a great running shoe when I'm traveling because they pack small. 
    • Also like: 
      • Soft heel - very gentle on the damaged Achilles. 
      • Light - not as light as the Kinvara but definitely breezy. 
      • Good fit - I ordered half a size up from my street shoes and they fit perfectly. 
      • I get compliments on these odd-looking babies.
    • Dislike: 
      • Zany color choices - sort of a leopard print on a green background. 
      • Unstructured toe box can cause feet to slip.
    • Unsure: the laces are on the outer part of the foot, instead of running up the top. It's supposed to reduce pressure on top of the foot. This isn't a problem for me usually and I haven't noticed a difference except that it's a little odd looking.
    • Note: because of the very cushioned ankle, remember to wear thin or low-anklet socks.