Sunday, October 20, 2013

Convert a T-shirt into a tank

For various reasons, a lot of athletes don't like short sleeves. Long sleeves - great if it's cold or your muscles haven't warmed up yet. Sleeveless tank - great for freedom of movement and showing off your biceps. But the T-shirt? The sleeve lives in no man's land. It's nondescript, not flattering, not functional. Just gives you a farmer's tan and, in the worst case, makes your shoulders look extra broad.

Here's an easy tip (mostly for women) on how to turn a t-shirt into a tank without cutting off the sleeves and looking like a power lifter:

I saw this at the Under Armour store in Baltimore. It looked so cute (better than I've done here), that I actually asked where they were selling the little ties. Turns out (and here comes the tip for how to make your t-shirt a tank), they had cut up their own head bands and made them into ties. Because of the grippy rubber on one side, they stay tied, so your sleeves stay up. One headband makes about three ties.

Why do it: You might have a drawer full of athletic t-shirts that you don't wear because they just aren't good looking. Instead of shelling out another $20-40 for a new tank, go to the hair products section of your local drug store and buy one of those multipacks of fun-colored (or black, if that's more your style), skinny headbands. Go home, get crafty and get happy with your new gear!

Stay healthy.