Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What to Wear for Tennis: Women's Tennis Skirt

"Dress for the job you want" applies to tennis as well as the office.

In other words, don't show up for tennis in running shorts, pocketless sweatpants, yoga tights or jeggings. Wear whatever you want on top, as far as I'm concerned, but what you wear on the bottom is important for three reasons:
Ralph Lauren tennis skirt with undershort. Note pocket!

  1. Tennis requires on-going access to balls. Don't waste time and energy constantly picking them up. Wear bottoms that have ball-sized pockets.
  2. Tennis demands footwork. Tripping on your yoga pants is a good way to end your tennis "career."
  3. Tennis takes itself a little seriously. Even if you play well, someone will give you the stank eye if you treat the sport like laundry day.
So, what to wear for tennis? Shorts with deep pockets that open wide enough to hold a tennis ball. A skirt with undershorts. Either the skirt or the undershort must have pockets. If you're a woman, wear a sports bra; you will be running. If you're playing outdoors, I recommend a hat to shade your eyes from the sun so you can watch the ball. I'm not a tennis shoe expert but strongly recommend a stable, strong-holding shoe. Tennis involves too much lateral movement for today's light-weight running shoes.

Most of all, tennis requires an ability to laugh at yourself. Mad dashes across the court, crazy lunges, wild swings and bad shots that send the ball a mile high are just the beginning of the folly and fun of tennis. Enjoy!