Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What to Wear Running: Leg Sleeve

Issue: mild achilles burning up into calf on left side only
Attempted solutions:
  1. Not running - calf muscle/achilles still felt hot after 6 months so I returned to running
    CEP leg sleeve
  2. Changed stride - shifted from heel striker to landing on the outside mid-foot then rolling onto the ball. This helped all my other aches (knees, hips) and prevented achilles from getting really twingy but calf was still pesky
  3. New shoes - Saucony Kinvara helped me maintain my new stride. Calf still hot
  4. CEP leg sleeve - honestly, I can't tell if it's actually doing anything but I like it because it makes me think that everything is being held together and, therefore, won't fall apart. It also is a gentle reminder to keep my stride easy, paying casual attention to my delicate tendons.
Recommend? Not in general. If you've got an issue, why not, but if you're just on a gear buying spree, I'd skip the sleeve and buy better socks (Nike or Asics will love your feet like nothing else).