Monday, May 6, 2013

Running Music: Running without Music

Like most everyone I know, I usually workout to music. It seems inspiring and motivating but I wonder if it might also be a bad distraction that gets in the way of really absorbing the work I'm doing on my body. So, this month (May), I'm working out without music.

The 1st three workouts were unremarkable. Just a couple of quiet runs and a quick weight-lifting session. I thought a lot about running shoes and form. At the end of one of the runs, I had one of my usual running songs playing in my head. I guess an empty brain will fill itself with the familiar.

Today, I had planned to row and lift at the gym. I expected to zone out to TV instead of music but these three older gentlemen befriended me and one of them chatted all 20 minutes that I was on the rower. At first, I resisted. I'm so used to zoning out, I didn't want to engage. But then I thought, what's the point of taking away the music if I don't accept whatever fills its place? So me and Carl, the awesome octogenarian, had a great talk about racism, guys in the Navy getting "the clap," sports and whether or not I should get my tubes tied. Yes, really, He also shared that he had a vasectomy when he was in his 30s and that it didn't even hurt.

Carl made my workout go faster than any music ever has. Thanks, man!