Saturday, December 31, 2011

What I Won't Miss About Running

Depending on your time zone, my long long-distance running career is wrapping up in about 4 hours. It's a been a good run (oh yes, I'm so punny on New Years Eve) but torn knees and Achilles tendonitis are telling me it's time to mostly* hang up the running shoes, knee straps and lined shorts for a while.

In an effort to accept my decision, here's a short list of what I won't miss about my favorite activity:
- runner's gut: I've been prone to stomach cramps for my entire running life and they hurt like a mother!
- aching knees: I'm just too young to hobble
- being cold before I warm up: if you've been here before, you know I don't overdress, which means some runs start out feeling a little... fresh
- packing running shoes: I travel a lot and running shoes are space hogs in a suitcase

I think that's it. If you can think of anything else that will make me feel better, please share in a comment! In the meantime, I have a few posts saved up from some recent cold-weather runs, so come back for posts about what to wear running in 15 or 20 degrees.

To everyone who is running into 2012, happy trails!

*I say mostly because I'm still in denial.