Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow

Temp: 28 degrees, overcast
Precip./Humidity: Snowing! High humidity (about 90%)
Wind: Calm
Terrain: Rolling to flat
Distance: 3 miles

What I Wore: Ski hat; knit gloves; Asics light-weight technical top; water & wind resistant shell; compression tights; old shoes.

Did It Work: Yes, although my legs were cold for the first half. Upper body was great.

Running in the snow:
1) Don't do it unless you live in a neighborhood where people are reliable with the shovel. Areas with apartment buildings are usually good because they have a superintendent on the job.
2) Wear older shoes that still have a good tread, so you don't feel bad getting them wet and you don't slip.
3) Wear a thick hat and a jacket that fits snug against your neck so your head stays dry and you don't end up with melting snow running down your back.
4) Enjoy! These are some of the most beautiful runs you can do in the city. Here's a sight from my park.