Sunday, May 10, 2015

What to Wear Running in San Francisco in May

Temp: 50F/10C
Humidity/Precip: Moderate/None (we're still in a drought)
Wind: 10-15mph
Distance: 6 miles
Terrain: Hills

What I Wore: Capri tights, long-sleeves with thumb holes (see previous post), visor

Did It Work: Not really. Once again I was freezing. Karl the Fog is here, along with his friend Oceanic Winds. Even though I ran almost the whole time, it took 1.5 miles to stop shivering.

What I Would Change: Warm the head, heart and hands: Tank bra under the top to keep my core warm. Running hat that covers my crown. Wrist warmers - I've been told that wrists are the key to heat - vs. mittens which just seems embarrassingly extreme even if my teeth were literally chattering at one point. Plus, wrist warmers are easier to take off and tuck away.