Sunday, February 9, 2014

Biking Gloves - Reflective

I love these biking gloves with the reflective patches on the back. And before anyone jumps down my throat, I know, I know - reflective material is only useful at slow speeds from 30 feet away or less. But that's why these are perfect! They are meant for signaling to someone nearby that you're going to change direction. The only people who would care about that are drivers and cyclists within 30 feet.

Riding in the dark demands extra attention to safety. If you get hit, it might be the other person's fault, but you're the one who is dead or seriously injured, so be in charge of your own rescue and use the following:
  • flashing tail light
  • headlight
  • LED arm band
  • reflective material on ankles or back
And, for when it's time to deviate from the course, these brilliant gloves with the reflective patches and arrows that say, "I'm going THAT way!"

Caveat: the gloves themselves are not great. They're a semi-tight knit that has no water repellent elements. So, these are only good for cool, dry weather or over something warmer and drier. 

Ride safe. Don't be ashamed to be the cycling equivalent of a disco ball. Looking forward to seeing you out there.