Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What to Wear Running: 45 degrees and comfortable

Temp: 45 degrees and sunny
Humidity: 50% (moderate)
Wind: Mild
Distance: 3 miles
Terrain: Flat to Rolling hills

What I Wore to Run: Shorts! T-shirt! Singlet tank underneath and a hat.

Did It Work: Yes. It's definitely shorts season again, if you are comfortable showing your legs. Want
Brooks shorts, Nike tank & T
to enjoy your run? Show a little skin! Pump those bare arms and legs and let the sunshine remind you that winter is over. By the end of my run, it was 50 degrees - spring, such a fickle creature! - so it was nice to have a layer to shed if I would have done a longer run.

Note: It's tempting to overdress in the spring (and maybe underdress in the fall?) because we're sick and tired of being cold after the freezing winter. Resist the temptation and only baby your "cold spots" - those places that refuse to warm up until after Memorial Day (mine are my ears).

Also, make sure that, if you're wearing layers, the bottom layer must wick. Having all your heat and moisture sit on your skin is bad aesthetically and functionally.

Personal note: I think this is one of the best times of year for running - not too hot, not too cold! Good for your muscles, good for the soul!

Happy running.