Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What to Wear Running in 20 Degrees

Temp: 20 degrees
Humidity: Low (about 20%)
Wind: Mild
Terrain: Flat
Distance: 2 miles

What I Wore: My mom's windproof running jacket (that is just like mine because we're sick gear heads); lined, wind-resistant tights; heavy ACG fleece vest; long-sleeve, light-weight wicking top; skull cap and my mom's fantastic Outdoor Research mittens.

Did It Work: Brace yourself: I was too hot. Seriously. Like sweat running between my shoulder blades. I really wished I had a light-weight vest - I could totally picture it. Dense fleece or tech fiber but whisper light. Of course, I don't own this item and I was on the road so, because the extra core layer was mandatory, I had to sport the heavy ACG vest.

The Gear Worth Stealing from Your Mother: I admit it. I almost stole mittens from my own mother. The only reason they are still at her house is that I live in California; I don't need mittens. But for someone with permanently cold hands, they were lovely for the following reasons:
  1. Soft, thin fleece lining
  2. Tight cuff kept out cold air
  3. Gore-tex (or some such fabric) shell kept in my minimal hand warmth
  4. Low profile so, when I made a fist, I didn't have a fistful of fabric
If you're still debating what to do with your REI holiday gift card, buy these mittens!