Sunday, October 30, 2011

What to Wear Running: What Not to Wear Running

Situation: Running in the dark

What Not to Wear: Black. Even if it has reflective elements. Those little silver strips will only prevent walkers from crashing into you. And only if they are wearing a headlamp that makes those elements reflect. Car drivers, bicyclists and even other runners will not see you. So, unless you're a running ninja...

The Fix: If all your gear is black and you refuse to buy anything lighter, then at least buy and wear something that lights up. Reflective strips (to which I'm pointing in photo) do NOT count. You can barely see them in the picture and I'm only 3 feet from the camera.
My two favorite items:
  • Marmut headlamp - bright light lets me see the path, avoiding cracks and twisted ankles, and be seen. Comfortable enough for mid-distance runs, but I prefer to wear a beanie under it for long-distance comfort.
  • Amphipod arm band - multiple LEDs can be seen from at least 30 feet and it fits snug around my arm thanks to Velcro. I like to wear it wrapped around the arm that is facing street side for maximum visibility.
 Be safe and happy running!