Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What to Wear to Physical Therapy

I've been injured (Achilles Tendonitis) for almost two months. I'm determined to run again, and soon, so I regularly go to physical therapy. It's helping.
Being me, I couldn't help notice that half the people at PT don't seem to know what to wear. Shoulder-injury guy lifts weights in a dress shirt. Hip-injury chick rides the stationary bike in tight khaki shorts and a flouncy tank top. And, I admit, the first time I went, I wore jeans and a sweater.

Sadly, I'm now practically an expert and here's what I wear:
- Nike t-shirt
- Under Armour shorts
- My new Saucony running shoes

Really, the only difference between my PT outfit and my running one is the lack of hat and sunblock.

Does it work? Yes. Physical therapy is a trip to the gym, massage therapist and doctor, all in one. Your therapist needs to be able to see your body and how it moves. He or she also needs to be able to access your injured area for icing and maybe electrical stimulation (my favorite part - it's like jump starting an old car). You will probably do some light to medium exercises, which means sweat and a need for mobility.

If you're injured, I'm sorry! Go to physical therapy. It might not always seem like you're doing a lot but this is my third round (I'm a little too active, perhaps) and every time it has made a difference.

Get well soon. See you on the trail!