Friday, November 27, 2009

40 in Nashville

Temp: 40 F, sunny
Wind: Minimal
Precip./Humid: None/moderately low
Terrain: Rolling hills
Distance: 4 miles

Wore: Nike running shorts, two light-weight, long-sleeve Road Runner technical tops (layered), NYC marathon gloves, Asics brimless hat that covered ears, standard sports bra (the cropped kind, not full body).

Did it work: Mostly yes. Traveling, I didn't have a running jacket, so I had to double up my two running shirts. I was a little colder than I like to be when I started, but running into the sun and up a hill within the first half mile brought my body to a comfy running temperature. My legs were red from the cold by the time I got home, but working fine.

Other notes: Nashville's river walk is a great running path. It's well marked and attractive in an urban/warehousey sort of way. However, it doesn't have any water fountains, so BYOB.